European style pvc strip door curtain hardware hangers

Type:Curtain Poles, Tracks & Accessories Place of Origin:Hebei, China Brand Name:WANMAO Model Number:S-002 Curtain Poles, Tracks & Accessories Type:Curtain Accessories Material:metal, Galvanized iron, stainless iron, stainless steel Metal Type:Stainless Steel201/304 Application:Fixture for PVC Strip Curtain

Products Details

Type:Curtain Poles, Tracks & Accessories Application:Fixture for PVC Strip Curtain
Place of Origin:Hebei, China Thickness:1.0-1.5mm
Brand Name:WANMAO Length of rail:1.0-2.0m
Model Number:S-002 Location:Doorframe
Curtain Poles, Tracks & Accessories Type:Curtain Accessories Sample:Provide
Material:metal, Galvanized iron, stainless iron, stainless steel Style:European style
Metal Type:Stainless Steel201/304 Advantage1:Durable
Advantage2:Not Rust Advantage3:Easy installation
Supply Ability Supply Ability:100000 Set/Sets per Week Packaging & Delivery Packaging:DetailsCarton + tray Port: Qinhuangdao

Product Description

Length of clamp  100mm  150mm  200mm  300mm  400mm
Length of rail 1000MM  10sets  7sets  7sets  5sets  3sets
Screw(pcs)  20  21  21  20  12
  Notes 1.The material of all product is stainless steel 304. 2.The thickness of all products is from 1.0mm to 1.5mm. 3.The length of rail is from 1.0m to 2.0m.
Industrial Plastic Pvc Strip Curtain Doors 1. PVC strip curtain Provides a cost effective insulating barrier which maintains the preferred temperature, reducing heat-loss in the working environment and retaining chilled air is cold store conditions. 2. PVC strip curtain Ensure massive financial savings in energy costs. 3. PVC strip curtain Outstanding clarity and transparency ensures optimum safety for both personnel and mobile traffic operating in busy access areas. 4.PVC strip curtain Instantly reduces dust, fumes and noise levels. 5.PVC strip curtain Durable, non-flammable easily maintained and cleaned.

Date Form

Performance Text Standard Clear Formula Cold Formula Super Polar Curtain Unit
Softness A Hardness 75+-5 65+-5 65+-5 /
Brittle Point Approx -35 Approx -45 Approx -45 Degress C
Falling Ball Test -20 No Break -40 No Break -50 No Break Degress C
Flexibility -20 No Break -40 Bo Break -50 No Break Degress C
Water Absorption 0.20% 0.20% 0.20% %
Tensile Stress 340 420 420 %
Rupture Resistance >5 >2 >2 N/mm
Reaction to fire Self-Extinguishing Self-Extinguishing Self-Extinguishing 0
Flammability Inflammable Inflammable Inflammable 0
Airborne Insulation ~35dB ~35dB ~35dB 0
Light Transmission >80 >80 >80
Features And Advantages : PVC Strip Curtains save energy and reduces heat or cold air loss. PVC Strip Curtains protects from dust, fumes, noise, pests, spray, dirt, smoke, fumes and keeps the atmosphere hygiene. PVC Strip Curtains are best solution for places where Unlimited access by vehicles and Pedestrians. they are also fully transparent that help provide maximum visibility. Our PVC strips curtains are available in various choices of grades depending on application (Commercial/ Residential/ Industrial) Maintenance free, requires only occasional wash & Zero maintenance, Improve working environment.

Keel type

1 Ordinary Keel: in the material by using high-quality steel galvanized or spray processing, with very good waterproof oxidation resistance. 2 Stainless Steel Keel: Using high-quality stainless steel plate after molding, with very good waterproof anti-corrosion performance, suitable for corrosive, strong oxidation places and space use, also applies to the market, the supermarket and so on decoration upscale place. The Keel is a detachable keel with the characteristics of convenient installation and disassembly and long service time. The utility model can be used for hoisting soft curtain and other materials. The curtain has the function of high-grade decoration, it can insulate the circulation of outdoor dirty air, guarantee the passage of people and vehicles, and has the functions of heat preservation, cold preservation, sound insulation, dust prevention, pest prevention, fire prevention, etc. , widely used in food, textile, chemical, electronic, printing, office and other industries as well as cold storage, refrigerated vehicles, commercial for supermarkets, shopping malls, hotels, hotels and so on. Curtain installation is simple and easy to change, use a little cleaning, it will be transparent as new, one input, multi-year revenue. exi (1) exi (2) exi (3) exi (4) H52cc1de5d8984ae8a63b56f5d75adc18P H587d6c81510a4cc9969941b27d032e0a2 H1990a2d678f243c696c8e66f2314aa1bt Hce30f9546c1f48058937eeb3ba51836do Hbfb88fc6d2d2422ca8f2e7aa2d2249dfH

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